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Knack Studio's professionalism, craftsmanship and attention to detail is unparalleled in my experience of working with art fabricators.

Because of their art backgrounds, they understand working with artists, and within the context of working in the public art realm, they have the skills to communicate effectively with a wide array of professionals.

~May Sun

Over the last decade of doing a variety of public art commissions I have worked with many different fabricators, consultants, and project managers. The last three projects, the most recent completed in June 2011, have been fabricated by KNACK Studio.  I have also used KNACK Studio as a consultant for two jobs.


Drew and Ralph are extremely professional, produce work of exceptional quality and skill, and are a pleasure to work with.  They have a wide range of experience and skill with various artmaking materials,  and  are creative and thorough in their analysis of how a project needs to be built and maintained.   Their attention to detail and craftsmanship are exceptional.  During artwork installation in the field, KNACK's  level of experience with  construction materials and methods enables them to work seamlessly with construction crews on site and provide any guidance needed to the artist in order to insure the best possible outcome for the project.


KNACK Studio can be counted on to deliver an immaculate artwork in a timely manner.  They are great!


~Blue McRight

The forms I make are technically horrendous, and demand an honest and personal tactility.  Knack Studio manages to build these monsters beautifully. 

But there’s more, the work must grow and develop through its fabrication, as it would if I were making it myself.  Ralph and Drew bring a deeply simpatico creativity to our collaboration without ever taking over.   They have become a continuance of my hand in the work.


~Ann Preston

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